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About 20 years ago, I started making gemstone bracelets for a few friends and relatives, and though I did not know a lot about the power of gemstones, I knew, and others as well, that we felt better wearing them or carrying them on our person or proximity. As I studied more about gemstones, I found that the individual stones have specific vibratory-powers.

It is said their vibrations and energies create energy fields that are absorbed by the wearer and influence the human body. By wearing or keeping the stones near you, their powers and traits are transmitted, and each gemstone, naturally-tuned to a particular vibration, will exhibit those properties to the individual for personal-benefit and empowerment...all set in T304 Stainless-Steel Ball Chain.

It is believed that the wearing of specific gemstones will supply just the right vibrational-energy needed to provide the wearer, either male or female, with helpful and beneficial stimulation that may be of support at a time when one needs a positive influence in a personal or timely situation. The ancients knew of these properties, and passed-on their knowledge and experience to any and all who are open to exploring energies beyond the collective-awareness.

Edgar Cayce and the Power and Benefit of Gemstones
Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, was also a fervent believer in holistic healing, and understood that all healing - physical, mental, and spiritual - could be greatly enhanced by a positive awareness of the divine nature of each atom and every cell in the human body. Cayce's approach to health involved remedies and formulae based on natural herbs and foods, correct nutrition and exercise, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and of course, the proper use of gemstones to enhance certain positive emotions and to generate beneficial energy flows in the wearer.
The Vibrational Energy of Gemstones: Edgar Cayce wrote about the ways in which gemstones enhance the vibrational energies of their wearers by interacting with the vibrational patterns naturally found in the human body. The stones draw in and give off positive energy.
For best results, choose a stone, or stones, that harmonize well with your aural and astrological aspects, and wear the piece next to the skin, either around the neck or around the wrist.
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Sometimes, just a small seed of belief can stoke the internal healing-power we all have inside, to help us when we most need it. I personally have had so many wearers of the stones come back to me with stories of positive-benefit, and they felt a 'difference' when wearing one of my pieces...and out of balance without it on.
Some have remarked that they had trouble getting to sleep with it on their person when first-worn...'something' was keeping them awake...that alone indicates 'something' is occurring...some 'energy' is making a presence known...and I find that most 'interesting' and confirming of the power of gemstones.

The belief in the power of gemstones has been with us for a very long time, and the stones, it is said, along with a positive-energy and attitude, can help dispel negativity, and encourage healing and overall well-being...and any healing starts with you...from the inside-out.
Each piece made just for you is as special as you are, and is a reminder, to you, to focus on what's positive, and draw the natural-powers from with-in yourself for when and what you need in dealing with life, and the personal circumstances it presents to you...for you to trial and overcome...whether of the body, mind, aura, or spirit.
All matter is just different vibrations and frequencies, and it is believed that each specific gemstone is considered to generate its own signature, specialty-vibration, to the service of the wearer, and to the wearer's state or situation that needs that benefit and attention.
And that, pretty much, is what gemstone lore, usage, and application, is all about.

And that's where we are today... Perhaps one of my pieces is just what you need, at a time, this time, when a little 'something extra' is available to help you on your life-journey in this incarnation of your spiritual-self.

Thank you so much for your time, and let me make a special piece 'just for you', or a good friend or relative who would appreciate your thoughtfulness, concern, kindness and consideration.

Bob Hardy

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