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Copper Bracelet with Gemstones

Copper beads, which are known for maintenance and stimulation of the cardiovascular system, set in stainless-steel with your 4-stone selection, plus adder stones for color and balance.

From the list above, you help design your 'special' piece by choosing any four gemstones from the list appropriate to your needs and situation. The description of each stone, its attributes and intentions, will guide you to select stones beneficial to your specific needs. Bob will add Quartz Crystal, to assist the stones in working-together, and 1-2 more stones for balance and color, depending on bracelet size. Any combination that works for you is fine, or if you wish, he'll choose the gemstones and make a piece just for you that you will be proud to wear and will draw many compliments.

The copper beads and gemstones are contained in a hand-polished T304 stainless-steel Ball Chain bracelet, that's durable, waterproof, even to saltwater, and stands-up to the elements. Each bracelet will be custom-made per your stone selection and size, and each piece will offer lasting, gemstone-benefit, in hand-polished stainless-steel durability, for as long as you wear it. Bob makes each bracelet one-at-a-time, with your good health, and well-being, in mind....

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